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A highly specialized cost recovery firm that helps clients such as yourself that don’t have the time, expertise and man power to keep up-to-date on tax laws, regulations or additionally audit all their invoices for unwarranted and erroneous charges.

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What We Do

We utilize best in class service providers in every industry. They have the expertise and manpower to ensure you are receiving every tax benefit and tax credit for which you qualify. Additionally they audit your current invoices for unwarranted and erroneous charges. In keeping with our motto, “Savings without Change”, you continue to do business with your existing vendors, realizing savings of up to 35%. We work on a performance and contingency schedule, “No Savings, No Fee”.

Why Choose Us

  • Over $300M in Client Savings
  • Industry Specific Experts
  • Collaboration with your CPA Firm
  • Proven Track Record
  • Free Consultation / Estimate
  • Dedicated Client Commitment

Identify & Calculate

By learning about your specific organization we will identify potential programs and provide an initial calculation of your estimated available benefits.

Verify & explore

Verify & Explore

We work with you and your CPA to collect additional documentation, provide in-depth analysis and determine deadlines, utilization and project costs.

Finalize & Deliver

Our team will complete your analysis to deliver the technical documentations and financial computations which will enable  you to receive your finalized benefit.

We have a 95% Success Rate so the odds are in your favor.

Tax Services

Cost Segregation

Engineering based cost segregation studies, permits commercial real estate owners to reclassify real property for depreciation purposes and reclassify it as more rapidly depreciated personal property. This reclassification results in significant cash flow benefit in both present and future years through considerably shorter depreciable tax life and accelerated depreciation methods.

Manufacturing Incentives

A wage based credit designed to qualify for grant money or grant money from the federal government as an incentive to promote research and development jobs. Many customers qualify that don’t realize they are eligible.

Property Tax Mitigation

A comprehensive property tax review provides a fair and equitable assessment of asset value with the potential to decrease company’s expenses and create immediate cash flow for property owners and investors.

Expense Reduction Services

Class Action Recovery & Procurement Services

Guardian Financial Solutions is proud to provide leading class action claims recovery services. Through our partnership with FRS, a recognized leader in class action settlement recovery, we have obtained over $100 million in class action settlement and other recoveries. We prepare all initial claim forms and all supporting documentation necessary, to begin the process of obtaining the largest settlement available for your company.

Credit Card Merchant Audit

A review and audit of a company’s merchant statements that recovers credit card overcharges. Three alternatives:

  • Zero cost processing
  • Lowest merchant fee by switching vendors
  • Staying with current provider and receiving lower fees through current analysis.

Commercial Energy Reductions

Utilizing a revolutionary technology, energy performance is increased while reducing consumption saving commercial businesses anywhere from 12-37% annually. A passive, copper based electro-magnetic technology captures harmonics or “noise” and restores proper phase and polarity to the electrical panel distributing the energy.

Workers Compensation Insurance Audit

Evaluates issued workers compensation policies and the work product of those involved in creating and issuing such polices.  By comparing the policy content to the source documentation used to determine the premium, an analysis is completed to determine accuracy and possible refund.

Cell Phone Audit

80% of companies will overspend on their wireless bills. Average 25% savings without switching contracts, carriers or equipment.  Services provided are expense management reporting & analytics and a full service help desk.

Utility Refunds

Our services arise out of the New Deal Act of 1933 which prohibits utilities from imposing certain surcharges and fees on a variety of industries. We audit bills looking for billing and usage anomalies, erroneous meter readings, and incorrect application of rates & tariffs.