Do you have a ‘Tax Preparer’ or a CPA?

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Depending on your answer, you could be getting bad advice which puts more money in the IRS’s coffers (and leaves less in your pocket).

Below is the crux of a typical tax preparer’s opinion regarding Engineering Based Cost Segregation Studies which an experienced CPA would say has kept many commercial property owners from implementing this highly beneficial tax strategy which is effectively encouraged by the IRS.

Here is a typical ‘tax preparer’ statement to commercial property owners: Read More

9 out of 10 Commercial Property Investors Are Overpaying on Income Taxes

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Year after year, the Federal Government has continued to incentivize those who invest in Commercial Property. The IRS has established guidelines that, if ignored, cause commercial real estate investors to pay more in taxes than they should.

What guidelines are being ignored by Commercial Property Investors?

Those revolving around Accelerated Depreciation; known in the taxation world as Property Cost Segregation. Read More