There are three levels of service to select from:

  • The first level is an audit of existing merchant processing company’s statements and identifying any obscure charges and verifying all charges are within range based on interchange rates and volume. This doesn’t require change in merchant processor but requires a three-year contract to monitor monthly statements to make sure the merchant processor doesn’t start bringing back unnecessary charges
  • The second level is a change to your merchant processor where we guarantee that the fees charged are lowest, no annual contract is required and if you are ever presented a lower fee, we will guarantee to beat that rate
  • The third level is Zero Cost Processing, where the customer is surcharged for using credit cards, thus eliminating all fees associated with credit card purchases. This process is not currently available in all states
  • Surcharging is not allowed on debit cards

Who is Eligible for Credit Card Merchant Audit

Any merchant that takes a minimum of $100.000 annually in credit card transactions. Non-swipe clients see up to a 20% reduction in Fee’s where card present will see a reduction of up to 15%.

Information Required for Credit Card Merchant Audit

Past three consecutive months of merchant statements or authorization to access your merchant provider’s website and download your company’s previous statements.