Utility Refund is a comprehensive audit process of past, current and future utility bills that helps to ensure eligible clients are getting all the credits and exemptions they are entitled to under federal, state, and local laws, regulations and tariffs.  It’s all about finding buried treasure in clients “Utility Bills”.

Who is Eligible for Utilities Refunds

Utility refunds are currently available in 30 states; each state has its own set of targeted industries.  Most states target manufacturing, agriculture, churches, 501(c3) non-profit organizations and credit unions.

Information Required for Utility Refunds

  • Must be located in the one of the 30 states currently participating
  • Will need one-month invoice for each of the electric, natural gas, propane, and frequently water/sewer and motor fuel
  • Additionally, for churches and 501(c3) non-profit organization-telephone, cellphone, internet and waste disposal are also eligible